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    I'm guessing something is just out of position. I'd never been inside the transmission on one of these before. The service manual sucks. The parts manual sucks. Nothing showing good info, just a grainy picture. That's why I hoped keeping it all together would help me steer clear of any issues.

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    also on the list of grievances: I really don't want to buy another gasket set. Do I chance reusing the head and cylinder base gasket? They've been torqued in place for a few days now.

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    If they're Cometic MLS gaskets, then they'll be fine. Most of the performance shops recommend doing a squish band check before you fire it up anyways, and that involves putting it all together, spinning the motor over, pulling it back apart, inspection, and then reassembly.

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    The new HD gaskets are pretty stern stuff and are usually good for more than one shot as well.

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