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    I can swap cams in under an hour following those steps.
    "It is impossible, until some crazy son of a bitch has the audacity to believe that no matter what the expert says, I can still do that shit." - C.T. Fletcher

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    These guys here taught me everything I know and without them my blast would have never left my garage, they have patience like nothing I have ever seen before and will bend over backwards to help ANYONE. trust me no one here is upset with you. Like Lee stated lets stay on point and get you riding again. all the information posted here is spot on, if you have any more questions just ask. even post pictures if you get stuck.

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    thank you lee for all your help.

    - - - Updated - - -

    thanks to all you guys, lee, ezblast, raydog26, and the others for help me.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I already install the oil pump and gear oil drive pinion, thanks to you guys my blast is working now !!!!

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    Awesome job! We're glad we were able to help. If you need help with anything, just make a thread and we'll get your bike running in no time!


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    See!!! - You guys rock!

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