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    Default Tail Chop

    The tail chop started off by removing all the rear plastics, and disassembling the tail light - blinker - license plate bracket assembly that cluttered up the rear of the bike.
    Get it to the point that all you see is the metal frame. The picture below shows where to cut it making sure to leave the circle tabs that are welded to the frame. (Those circle tabs are where the blinkers will mount to later)

    After the frame was cut we set the tail plastic on top of it and started mapping out where we wanted to make our cuts. The rear part of the under seat cavity needs to be cut out to allow for the top of the tail light to fit, and two holes drilled under that for the tail light to mount into. To get the general shape of the rear cut I eyeballed a good line with a piece of white electrical tape and continued to adjust it till it looked good.

    The cutting inside was done with a dremel tool, which as you can see did more melting than cutting. The melted plastic burs can be knocked off with sandpaper. The rear cut was done with a jig saw armed with a fine tooth metal blade.

    Cleaned up all the cut edges by hand with wet fine grit sandpaper. Re assembly is a breeze. A couple self tapping screws through the plastic right into the remaining tube frame - blinkers mount to those tabs on the frame, run the wires up into the seat cavity. The only tricky part was the plate. We dropped a couple slotted aluminum tabs down from behind the tail light- with it all mounted you cant even see them.

    Pictures are bigger on my Blast Mod Webpage

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    Looks great. And the DIY is cool. I need to do both of your mods now.

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    Yes - I will definitely be doing this with an Acerbis twist - lol - The Blast goes modern with leds !
    You guys seen the seat I just got - will be modifying it to fit much better - lol

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    Nice seat EZ.

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    Yeah it is - but if you don't modify the Corbin, the back end will stick up about an inch above the plastic, unlike a properly fitted stock seat - you have to drill a hole for the pins on each side, shave the bumpers to right above the screw heads, and make sure the latch is tight as well.

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    Default Anyone have any ideas and/or pics of license plate bracket mod

    I am looking to take a dremel tool to my license plate holder. I have an idea of how I will cut it so its just the tail light and plate plastic left. But was wondering how others have done this. Looking for ideas

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    I did it. Haven't taken pictures though. I did pretty muche exactly what you explained.

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    It's not a closeup, but here's a pic of how mine ended up:

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