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    Default Safety Gear

    To Wear Safety Gear, Or Not To Wear Safety Gear?

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    Holy shit !, if that doesn't get your attention nothing will. I'm almost afraid to get on my bike now. You got to give it 110% when you ride and keep yourself protected. I choose to wear. Siskosick0004

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    man thats intense, im wearing.

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    Its our choice. Web sites like that help promote the insurance companys push to not insure us, or give us rates out the roof. I feel that you can put on all safty gear you want but its going to save you, sure it will help yes, but chance's are if you go down your going to get hurt pretty bad, come one we all know that. We choose to ride a bike, it kicks ass. I love riding with a group of 20 hogs nothing like it. Right now we have the right to wear what safty gear (if any) we choose, however I feel that if more of these type sites pop up its only going to lead to our rights going away and more restrictions being put on us. You have to pretty ignorant to think riding a bike is safe. I wouldn't be suprised if that website is tied to a insurance co, or the HIPAA Recreational Injury Technical Correction Act the frickn buracrats are pushing. :deal:

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    i can see exactly where you are coming from on that one. every time we get on our bikes we know the risk we are taking. for me its a weighed risk, thats why i make a point of always wearing my gear. its not always easy to wear a jacket, especially when it is 95+ out there. but i have seen enough pics of guys with wicked ass road rash. i dont know its always a gamble.

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    Let me say one more thing then I'll get off my soap box. I believe it is a lot of propaganda by the insurance companies as well, you pay in and if you never file a claim they make all kinds of money. The point I'm trying to make is that sometimes freak accidents happen, but if you obey the rules of the road (no drinking, speeding, riding beyond your skill level, etc.) you should prevail. As a former deputy sheriff for Yellowstone county Montana I've seen my share of bike accidents and most were results of impaired driving. If a guy or a gal doesn't want to wear protective gear, that's their God given right, and I'm all for rights. However, when you go down on a bike, and heaven forbid you don't, it's going to hurt. It's all about choices.

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    The stuff I wear depends on the riding I'm doing. If I'm runnin' the curves on my Buell, I'm geared up 100%. If I'm cruising my Harley, I'm usually in jeans, tshirt, and leather vest. Of course I know something could happen (God forbid) no matter which bike I'm on. I've seen people hurt pretty bad even though they were wearing gear. I've also seen guys with some pretty bad road rash that some simple gear could have prevented.

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    Sorry but that site rubs me the wrong way. They could have got'n that same point across without all those pictures of bloddy people. Okay show a few but come on showing dead people who might not even been at fault, I'll bet some of those people wouldn't want their picture to be used as safety propaganda. Of course they might dead now, but still seems like they were exploited. Its like me taking a picture of 2 guys just standing outside on a corner in a low end rent district and promoting the picure saying they're making a drug deal. Good thread Slayer.

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    Gotta agree with ya. In some pictures they showed, no amount of safety gear would have helped (and they did go overboard with those). Those pics should be shown to drivers who are doing anything but paying attention. "Look Twice - Save a Life" Is a phone call worth someone's life?

    The pics of the guy with a chick on the back going fast on a curve (no gear) should be checked out by some riders I've seen. That's where the term "SQUID" comes from. If that poor chick ever gets back on a bike I bet she'll be geared up next time.

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    al I have to say is that gear(all of it) no just a helmet or gloves, is the only way to ride...

    I may not be smart, but the most important part of my body is my head...I would never...ever wear anything but a full face helmet...not to say that a helmet is gonna protect you when slamming into a semi at 150 but in most cases yes....

    If I wouldn't have been wearing my helmet when I lowsided at like 15mph last year...even at that slow of a speed my face would have been messed up.....
    I had a thick joe rocket leather jacket on and I still got road rash on my forearms...can't imagine what a mesh or no jacket would have done

    sorry rant over

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