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    Default Hello All....Tell me what all i need to know about the Blast

    Hello all....

    My name is Chris and i am from Canada. Over the past year or so i have continuously been drawn towards the Blast. I currently ride an 85 Honda VF750 Interceptor that i will be restoring eventually. I have been curious about the Blast ever since i seen a used one in the local HD dealer. Yea i know given that i have the 750 i should probably consider something like the Lightning or another larger Buell. However I have looked at the XB9 City X and as much as i like that bike i think i would be better off with the Blast for now. Another reason im looking towards the Blast is because i realize i need to step down in size to focus on riding skills for now. I am 6'2 and around 290 lbs...once again i realise criteria for looking at the larger Buells. Im sure eventually if i do buy a larger one it will be a City X. So what all is there to know about the Blasts besides the fact they have half of a sporty engine and are 500 cc?

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    the bike is super nimble and fun to ride. Maintenance is not an issue. If it is, parts are cheap. Even though its half of a sporty engine it goes like the devil. Its super comfortable, i can ride for hours with no hand fatigue or saddle butt. Suspension wise its a lil soft so two up riding for you might be out of the question. Im 230 and my wife is 160ish and we can bottom out the rear. It still pulls hard with the two of us on there though!

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    the blast is the most simple bike you'll find. There are almost no maintenance issues. If there is a problem, 75-90% of the time it is traced to an improper fitted or bad intake manifold coupling ( known on this page as Das Boot ) This is a $10 part, and takes five minutes to fix.

    Another forum member sells an upgraded part that should last the life of the bike.

    Stock, this bike is excellent. It has two seat heights, the lower of which makes the height one of the lowest stock bikes available.

    The bike handles extremely well, and gets great gas mileage.

    It looks like a crotch-rocket, but when seated, you ride more like a street bike or cruiser. Your feet don't feel "under you" ( although, if you like that feeling, then you can replace the rear sets )

    Other things to note;

    1. - The stock headlight is not very bright. I replaced mine for around $40.

    2. - There are three simple steps to turn this purring kitten into a roaring lion.
    a. - either drill a second hole in the exhaust, or replace with aftermarket.
    b. - replace the air intake box with a stack and aftermarket air filter.
    c. - rejet the carb to 45/175 or 48/175

    3. - The stock horn ( like all horns now-a-days ) is extremely wimpy. An upgraded horn costs around $40.

    4. - The stock tires aren't the best in the world. When replacing, search this forum for optimum replacements.

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    Depending on wether you buy used or new, you may want to replace the seat. Bikes ( or seats rather ) made after 2005 model year have better foam and are more comfortable.

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    More then likely will be going with a used bike and use the saved cash over new to use on upgrades. So are there any particular years that are better to look at over others?

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    If I recall ez's post. You'll either want a 2000, 2001, or anything after 2005.

    The reason being, in the 2000 and 2001 model, the gear ratio let you got over 100 mph.
    The problem is that there was a recall or two regaurding engine bolts ?!?

    Starting in 2002 they changed the gear ratio in the primary and you can only go about 95 mph stock.

    As noted above, anything after 2005 has had most of the kinks and bugs worked out as well as the new padded seats.

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    Close - Any Blast - 2003 and up is good, early year Blasts - 2000 to 2002 had rockercover gasket leaking issues and teething issues, 2000 had rear pully recalls - all resolved to good effect by 2003. If you find a 2000 to 2002 with over 6000 miles on it, chances are those issues have been resolved and then the bike is golden.

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    The Buell Blast is just a sweet little bike. You can usually find a good used one for a song, and the price new is not that dear compared to other new bikes. They are not hard to insure, they are easy to maintain, parts are not unreasonable or hard to find. There is almost no limit to the aftermarket projects that you can undertake, if you have a mind to(and money). They handle like they are screwed to your butt, the brakes are great. They will run 70 all day with no problem and they are easy on gas. If you want a fun bike that is good transportation it is the ticket. It is not a chick magnet and you are not going to empty a biker bar of patrons who flock out to admire your flashy ride. So, I guess it really depends on what you want in a bike. The Blast is practical but ego-trippers need not apply

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    What they said. I've had my Blast for 15 months and have put 8,000 miles on it. It's a fun bike, easy to maintain and great in the twisties.

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