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    Default What did you do to your Buell today?

    Theres a thread like this on my VW club's website. Figured I would start one here!

    1, shortened the front turn signals. Much smoother looking now, not 'alien like' as my wife called it!
    2, dremeled out the filter wall in the airbox. Holy s!$t, that made such a huge difference!

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    I moved it so I could get by. Too cold to ride or work on it.

    Well, I did price out an engine sprocket for an XB12R. 38T instead of 35T, give it some more top end.

    Welcome to the forum, man!
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    Removed the left-hand tank decal (the right was wrinkled by a gas spill & removed last summer...) and measured/ blocked out the new decals with tape. Will apply the new decals over the weekend, if it is warm enough. Took some pics to post up when the job is done.

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    Started recovering my seat. I had used a cheap vinyl before that had no stretch and looked awful after a few rides. Bought some higher quality marine vinyl that is made for outdoor applications and can stretch 100% in all directions. I'll finish this weekend and get some pics. Under the cover is a chunk of sargents supercell foam.

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    Turned my air screw in 1/8th a turn in for warmer weather - lol

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    Started work on my LONG Supertrap exhaust system and installation of the Garmin Nuvi GPS navigation system. Set appointment for a DYNO run on Saturday.

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    Took Blast for a long ride on a sunny Saturday in the cool crisp air-- still trying to wipe smile from face.

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    Looked at it longingly while I got work done...inside while it was 75 out :smiley-faces25:

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    Sigh - ditto

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