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    Show me your custom intake & exhaust!

    I will start this off with my newly developed Intake Filter.

    1 Order a Tall Velocity Stack here: - $12.95 + shipping ... photo 1

    2 Purchase the following three parts (I got mine at Autozone)
    A 3" Spectre Air Filter #8168 (available in red, blue and silver/white - $18.95)
    B 3" Spectre 90 degree Elbow Intake Tube #8698 (chrome finish - $9.95)
    C 3" Spectre Coupler Kit #8771 (available in red, blue and black - includes 2 SS clamps - $7.95)

    3 Cut 3/4' off each end of Elbow with hacksaw (not necessary but makes a more compact installation)

    4 Assemble Spectre parts as shown in photo into your new filter assembly ... photo 1 & 2

    5 Remove the Air Box

    5 Install Tall Velocity Stack on Carb with new gasket # 29059-88A ($1.00 from HD/Buell Dealer)

    6 Slip filter assembly coupler onto Velocity Stack and tighten Clamp

    7 Total cost about $51 + tax and shipping

    8 You should increase your main jet size by 5.

    9 Use of a Super Das Boot to support the Carb is highly recommended and you will need some sort of suport at the air filter or filter end of the Carb because the support offered by the air box is now gone.

    You are Done ... Congratulations!

    Your Blast is now breathing via a 248% cross-section area increase over stock air box and a direct unconvoluted air flow path... feel the power!

    Sorry I don't have a photo installed on Blastress ... I'm still waiting for the bloody Velocity Stack to arrive ... will post one when the durn thing arrives.

    Note this system is way to cumbersome to actually work long term - please dis-reguard - EZ

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    I stole Ed's design, as I liked the style and simplicity of it. All credit to him.

    § Tall Velocity Stack (American Sportsbike) ($13)
    § Stack Filter ( – Part # 100-2651) ($10)
    § 3 ½” Hose Clamp ($3)
    § Super Das Boot (To Support The Carb)
    § Intake Gasket ($1)

    Basically, you just put the gasket on the stack, the stack on the carb, the filter on the stack, and the hose clamp on the filter. Haha. Done. I'll probably tinker and possibly change the setup, but for my first intake mod I wanted to keep it simple, so I went with a trusted design.

    I'll have to get a decent picture at some point, but for now here's one without the filter/clamp. Check EZ's bikes for a better image. I'll update mine, though.

    Oh, and I like that filter setup, David. Definitely sexy looking, lol.

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    Thanks for the post Sambaj ... I would highly recommend the Super Das Boot for any intake filter because you are loosing the support from the air box ... that and you need some sort of additional support at the filter end of the carb or attached to the filter itself. I think the bike looks cool without the airbox and the port side trim ... saves weight too!

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    Oh, and I like that filter setup, David. Definitely sexy looking, lol.

    Blastress thanks you ... Blastress is one sexy looking Blast and all mods to her must be Sexy ... it's the Law! ... LOL!

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    Hey david, thanks for the detailed process and part numbers. I was keeping the airbox, but I like what you guys are doing. If I sell my almost new K&N, that'll pay for some of it. Got any pics of the intake on the Blastress?

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    Same Price as a K & N - Better Result!

    Thanks ... glad to be helpful. I wil post photos in a couple of days when my velocity stack arrives and I have something to mount it to ... assuming my Guardian Feline Pixi lets it leave my desk ... she kinda likes it too but she's fickle ... she likes anything new ... LOL!

    You made me realize something ... this mod is about the price of a K & N air filter with the net result far superior to modding the air box and purchasing the K & N. Building the Blastress Supreme air filter was easier than modding the air box and Mr. Dremel was not required either. Doing an air box mod no longer makes sense to me when you can do a custom stack filter like this for the same money as a K & N and easier process than air box mod.

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    This was my exact point to my earlier thread about the external air filter. If you do a google search on a Brion-James velocity stack for the XB9R, then you will see that I have some experience in getting air to a motorcycle engine. (My father is "James" and i helped my dad put these together as orders came in and installed one on his previously owned XB9R.) But yes i noticed that the $50 spent on a K&N filter gave unimpressive results compared to a much less expensive set up, gave more breathing air, saved weight and increased simplicity. Simplicity is what the Blast is designed and built on!

    krjoseph, i would be interested to see what the results of removing the airbox and placing an external filter are compared to the K&N. Would i be wrong in thinking this can gain another 1hp? Is that dreaming too much? 1hp to many sounds so insignificant but coupled with the light weight of this bike that just improves the power to weight ratio, and on a small bike the ratio can improve quickly. I can notice a difference riding with just a windbreaker and riding with a loaded backpack (35 pounds) and wearing several layers (another 5-7 pounds) and even notice removing the rear foot pegs (no passengers).

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    Thanks for your post Rick

    Hey Rick ... I enjoyed your post and agree with everything except the foot peg thing ... Blastress and I want to attract a cute and friendly female passenger so the footpegs definitely stay ... LOL!

    Shedding weight from the bike and the handlebar nut (a human attached to the handlebars while a motorcycle is underway) are cheap and easy performance upgrades. Minimizing aero drag is more and more important the faster you go and effective gains in performance are available here. For example, using the short seat will reduce your aero profile by 2 inches and that is a mucho horses equivalent at higher speeds. 12 pounds shed from bike/rider is an effective 1 horsepower gain. Time to go on that handlebar nut diet ... think of al the money you can save on food and use to mod your Blast!


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    I am keeping airbox. I do not like those filters sticking out. I do not like them on cruisers and i surely do not like them on sports bike. I modded my airbox to the max and do not think i need to go any farther with stock engine.

    I do want to put that splitter in. What ever happen to blueprints for it, to make one self?

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    BTW: Whatever u do, you do NOT want low seat. Bone stock Blast will got plenty fast to get you into troubles with any local "Policia" but sacrificing undoubted comfort of tall seat is REALLY bad idea. Especially for someone who is 6+ I am 5'7" and i can not think of riding on short seat again.

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