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    Default Show me your custom intake & exhaust!

    Jardine sells just the header pipe for $55! plus ~$25 shipping for 6-8 week delivery.
    Call 216-265-8400 and speak to Steve, extension 124. He is very helpful and will answer any questions.

    Throw on a Supertrapp disc-only setup for $60 and you have one hell of an exhaust for less than $150!
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    Finished up this exhaust last week and just got it re-jetted. The set up is a Pre-04 front sportster head pipe cut down about a foot. Its finished up with a stock sportster slip on muffler with a slash cut to fix some road rash. Picked up 3 head pipes and a muffler for 20 bucks. So a great sounding (loud) set up for real cheap. With the heat wrap and custom made bracket i have less than $60 bucks in the whole thing. Let me know what you guys think.

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