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    OMG What did i say???

    Sorry if i offended anyone.

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    Naw - your fine - sailors are touchy about officer references though - lol

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    Seating Again?

    Quote Originally Posted by ezblast View Post
    Off Topic - sort of - a high seat is more comfortable than a low seat, and the most comfortable seats made are: Corbin, Rick Meyer, or Sargents. I prefer the hi because I've been known to travel extensive distances, and a high is more comfortable for that - allowing your legs to stretch out more.

    Also - I know of two different folks who put Banke rearsets on and kept their rear passenger pegs - cutting off the front pegs of the stock unit, and two others - one who mounted pegs on the swing arm cover tab, and another who mounted them on the swing arm via welding.
    EZ ... I submit that seat position, geometry and seat comfort is a very highly subjective bunch of topics and varies hugely with individual anatomy and even by gender. I've tried dozens of seats on my bicycle (yes I'm an avid bicyclist too) in pursuit of comfort. In bicycle seats, most women find a man's seat to be horriblly uncomfortable simply because they have (to put this as delicately as possible), wider spacing between their perch points (they is made wider to give birth). Most women need a wider seat to accomodate this quirk of nature or they suffer horribly in delicate parts of the anatomy. Men have issues of their own including but not limited to numbness in delicate parts due to the proximity of a certain nerve. One man's comfortable seat can certainly be anouther's torture device even for two men of the same height and weight. Some here are advocating that the tall seat is best for all ... I'm quite certain that none of those is a 5'-0" tall woman. The Blast has great popularity with those of short stature just because it has a low seat option permitting them to touch the ground with toes when stopped. I am in fact personally comfortable with the low seat position ... why does not even matter ... I simply am! When someone of my height and weight gets on a motorcycle, that up high weight raises the center of gravity of the man/bike combo substantially over what a short man of the same weight would have. Us big and tall guys hurt handling because of our height much more than our weight. I do not like how my high weight and height impacts handling and I even consider it a safety concern ... my opinion and I'm entitled to it just as everyone else is entitled to theirs. I like the way my anatomy fits to Blastress with the low seat. There is no doubt that I need to make my 2002 vintage low seat more comfortable but to be honest, it is no worse than many of the 21 motorcycle seats I've been on and better than many ... I can fix that with better foam, construction and countouring to suit my anatomy. I've never met a seat on any motorcycle that was comfortable to me for much more than an hour at the most. I've taken my bicycle from squirming withing 30 minutes to having done 202 miles in one day ... thats on a human powered bicycle folks ... not a motorcycle. In short ... LOL ... my geometry on Blastress is fine and will get better with lower handlebars ... my seat comfort issues will be massaged into much better comfort easily enough with a custom seat. I suggest we start a new thread on Seats if anyone wants to continue with this. We're sort of supposed to be talking about and showing our intake filters in this thread ... you know ... I'll show you mine if you show me yours ... LOL!

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    Nautical Captain ... not an Officer ... Gentelman when it suits!

    Quote Originally Posted by ezblast View Post
    Naw - your fine - sailors are touchy about officer references though - lol
    Careful EZ ... this is not Black & White!

    Sailors are either in the floating Armed Services ... or they own a sailboat and known as rag-baggers (unkind term of endearment). While this Yachtsman (safe term) has won National and International Sailing titles in his youth, his current Yacht (fancy safe name for a boat that is Federally Documented) is definitely a Stink Potter (unkind reference to a power boat). Us nautical types (a safe reference too) fall into different camps just like Bikers (oops!) ... er ... Motorcyclists (yikes!) ... what the heck is as safe term for someone who rides a motorcycle anyhow? Boaters (non-descriptive OK term) speak a language of their own). Just be careful who you call a Sailor! ... you might offend a Nautical Captain (guy who owns or controls a boat (small) or ship (big boat)). FYI, a Captain of a boat or an aircraft is a legal Dictator under the law and in absolute command (exceot for his wife who is generally ranked Admiral or Commodore) ... it's dangerous to offend a Dictator (derogatory term) and especially unhealthy to offend his female superior.

    It is also true that this Captain has turned-down an opportunity to become a genuine Officer (said no to the Coast Guard Academy), got drafted in the middle of the Viet Nam war ... er conflict? ... and managed to avoid military service altogether through a close vote at a draft board hearing. Maybe I am touchy but not for the reasons you might think!

    No offense ... let's get back to Blasts (a motocycle favored by members of this Forum)

    25PSI ... sorry I snapped back. You did manage to push a button by implying I was somehow a superior Captain and you were just a mere Civilian ... we're all equals here! I accept your apology ... please accept mine.

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    Sure. No biggie here.

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    Cool! ... Now who wants to take the bull by the horns and start a Seat thread ... Not Me!

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    [QUOTE=ezblast;20658]As for intakes -
    Almost forgot - the freest breathing you can get is of course the torque stack!

    Got any part numbers for us?
    That was my general purpose is to build a list of part numbers along with pictures so that members could get a look at these on a Blast before buying.


    Good point, we all have a different purpose for our bikes. But with all that luggage, your right, a lil extra power will defiantly pull some more luggage, i mean look at how much a single horse can carry! The air intake and the exhaust are the two biggest robbers of power on this bike from the factory (apart from a new engine) and is a great way to begin some modding for the beginner.
    Thats the great thing about this site, btw. We all have a somewhat different purpose for our Blasts, CaptDavid, you carry supplies (women optional), EZ both commutes and had another for sport, and mine is for commuting between home and campus, and a lil weekend throttle therapy for those stress filled weeks of classes!

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    Horsepower Bargains ... where can I buy a cheap Horse!

    Hey Rick!

    Thats the spirit and what this thread is about. I was thinking about starting a new thread about the cost of a horse. Intake improvements can certainly be a cheap price for a horse but there are some awesome horsie bargains out there besides a freeer breathing intake. Most horsepower upgrades cost money up front but you will generally also pay a price premium in extra fuel consumed. Here are a couple of real bagains that are especially worth mention because they actually pay a return on your investment over time with better fuel mileage and lower maintenance costs. The first is the Denso Iridium Racing Plug ($35 puls shipping from Not only do you get at least one horse, you get better gas mileage so you actually get a return on your investment too. $35 for a horse is cheap but you also never have to replace the Iridium plug so you get savings over time on replacement plugs along with the savings on fuel. Not only is it a horsepower bargain … you will eventually break even and start seeing money continuing to be saved and a saved penny is one that does not have to leave your pocket or can be spent on more mods. This plug puts money in your pocket over time as will intake improvements we've been discussing here. EZ’s basic mods are either free or very low cost so they are good investments for a horse too. So far we've got better intake as a good bargain. Better combustion with a spark plug as a good bargain, better carburetion as a good buy by rejetting, spacing the needle, adjusting air screw out and rejetting. Newer on the scene is an air splitter on Carb intake ... that ties in neatly with this thread as it is intake related ... it is cheaply fabricated by example on this Forum or may be purchased from PowerNow. Another of EZ's basic mods is to drill the stock exhaust ... free for about a 1 hp gain and represents an exhaust option. Here is another new one ... at least I have not seen it mentioned before and it is an old school tuner's secret ... Install a Yost CV-40 REV 1 Power Tube in the carb … twins get a 2-5 hp boost so expect 1-2.5 hp boost on a Blast ... I got mine on eBay for $22 so If I can get 1 to 2.5 horsies for it, it is another true horsepower bargain ... check it out here We've already spoke to the cheapest HP gain of all ... loosing weight ... seems to be an OK thing for a Blast to undergo but is not quite so popular with Blast Pilots. Seems the Pilots want their nachos and cake too ... in fact the human is generally a horible buy when it comes to buying horses ... they spend money on consumable treats and most gain weight over time ... what's wrong with that picture ... LOL! I'm interested in hearing about other horse bargains ... performance upgrades like, pistons, cc kits, headwork, cams and such start getting to be much more costly per horse. Bring me your horsepower bargains ... Pretty Please!

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