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    Default Hidden Twisties in Monterey Co.

    I'm relatively new to riding, and of all places I chose this route for my first 100m ride. Well, probably not the smartest thing I've done in awhile. Safe to say, I made it out okay. But there was definitely some hairy situations I ran across, and I'll admit, I'm lucky that I didn't have any mishaps. This is Laureles Grade to Carmel Valley Rd. About 60 miles of back country twisties. The road conditions weren't the greatest, but these were basically backroads that I could practice on without having to worry about traffic to deal with. It'll probably take some experience and time, before I revisit this road. Thanks for reading.

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    Nice, real nice. Even though it was hairy for you at times, from the looks of it, it was a beautiful ride. I'm sure that it was also nice that the roads were relatively clear of cages. Thanks for sharing.

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