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    Default 2000 Buell Blast - first bike - Ignition question

    Hello every one,

    My name is Nathan and I am 36. This is my first time posting so allow me to say a bit about myself. I have been dreaming about owning a motorcycle and have had my license since I was 21. Every once and again I look over classifieds to see what there is, often finding good deals but never matching up with the times I have had extra cash.

    I found a Buell Blast selling for 1000. A few days later it dropped to 700, and upon questioning the seller, he said come get it right now for 500. I am now a motorcyclist.

    This bike looks like I paid 500 dollars for it....

    That being said, the ignition was broken and they wired a simple on/off switch into the old plug on the bike. In this set up, plugging in the cable acted like park, and then flipping the switch was like turning the key to ON. I have purchased a new switch and with limited experience and no electrical diagram for the switch itself, took some guessing and wired it into the old ignition switch plug.

    Switching to the park setting, I get nothing, but switching to ON, everything lights up. At this point I can start the bike just fine, and I would sit back feeling accomplished except...... Now the bike idles high. I mean really high. Before the new ignition, If I didnt give it a few revs after a cold start, it would easily die. Now I don't even need throttle when starting off, just throw it into first and ease off the clutch. When i come to a stop, the idle is like im holding the gas 1/3 open. Even cruising in any gear, it seems like its at 1/3 gas until i give it more. The ONLY thing I did was change the ignition/key switch so my question is, did a bad wiring job cause this issue? I am pretty sure at least 1 wire is not correct as I wired one onto the grey (nothing) plug. Can post any pictures needed.

    I am pouring over all of the information you all have collected here and other places.

    Got a new air box coming and am trying to work up the courage to mess with the carb and needle shim stuff I read.

    So far I am LOVING owning my own motorcycle and I want to get this bike back to a quality state. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    I see you all refreshing this post, curiously wondering what the answer might be to my buried question. The answer is: YES, changing the ignition will absolutely change the idle.

    How you ask? when they zip tied the previous switch to the throttle cable! That is my only guess. I was scared to change the idle speed in case the issue was something else and I was just masking it. However, today at the store a couple bikers stopped in and when leaving i stepped outside and asked them my question. They didn't see how an electrical change would alter something mechanical. I agreed. One then went on to show off how he zip tied his throttle cable so that when the wheel is pushed hard right and the throttle is revved the bike holds a higher idle. It was my Ah-Ha moment. Came home and installed the new air box that came in today. Then i adjusted my idle screw and boom, im a successful mechanic! now I just need to figure out how to get these damn turn signals to work.

    Hope I helped some one in the future!

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    Good for you.

    Kenny G
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    Well that was unexpected, lol. Glad it was a simple fix!
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