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    You and I bought new isolators off of eBay at the same time.

    I saw that you mentioned above about replacing bolts, etc. Do you have a list of what parts that I should purchase so I have everything when I need to change mine?

    Kenny G
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    Kenny - best bet - the longer bolt on the left side needs to be replaced - go to a hardware store and get a grade 8 zinc coated copy and washer, lock washer, and, jam nut - use the stock flat plate washer that it comes with - use the specks in the parts catalog, the kit is generic, and it gives you the correct hardware for one side but not the other, and since it is the Blast - odd man out/redheaded step child of a red headed step child - they don't supply that bolt - just a shorter version that leaves you cussing. On the middle nut that goes on that real long bolt - pre thread that once so that you see three threads past the top of the nut, then install isolator - remember red locktight - lol -
    The isolator pictured definately looks bent - internal rubber tear - check for cracks, or if center metal tube is seperating from rubber.

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    For future searches through this thread, I thought I'd post the link to my Front Isolator Replacement guide:
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