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    Default LED Headlight/Turn Signal Recommendation

    Hi all.
    Am looking to replace my headlight bulb with one of the LED headlight/turn signal combos that are available. Would any of you have a recommendation for a brand and/or source? Thank you

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    I wouldn't bother with an led headlight with built in turn signals, the headlight would most likely block out the light of the signals (especially at night).

    Any 7 inch round led light should work, but you will most likely need an adapter bracket (actually 2 as the adapter won't properly line up with the blasts bucket's holes) as well.

    I bought a cheap no name LED headlight off of amazon because I didn't want to spend the money on the name brand stuff without knowing what I could expect from them. The one I got was a daymaker knockoff around $70. I find the low beam is much better than stock was, but the high beam leaves a lot to be desired as it. (spending money on a j.w. speaker or equivalent would probably remedy this issue as it seems like the knockoff company didn't properly align the high beam.)

    as to the adapter(s) I originally bought one and the way the bracket lined up with the bucket left the light cockeyed. So I bought another and after some cutting I riveted them together so the headlight would be straight (well mostly - it's still slightly off but that's on me not being great at intricate work)

    of course you could possibly get a bucket for another bike (you would also need to find [or make] fork mounts for it and then you could use the adapter as intended.

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