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    Default Filtered V-Stack v. K&N

    Hi all.

    Am looking to add a velocity stack & splitter, or an elbow and K&N to my Blast. With the exception of an aftermarket exhaust, the engine is stock (for now).

    Have any of you done any dyno tests or seen data from tests of Blasts with filtered (e.g., Outerwears) velocity stacks? Was curious what, if any, horsepower/torque increase could be expected when using a v-stack and filter, over a pleated cloth filter (like a K&N) on the end of an elbow like Dan's. Unless they are substantial, I will likely choose the elbow and filter and keep the piston rings sealing longer than the less-effective v-stack filter would allow.

    Thank you all very much.

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    My Blast dyno'd 31/28 hp/tq, with a hollowed stock muffler and open carb...waaay back in like 2008/2009. They're normally like 28/25 hp/tq in stock form.

    It hasn't been dyno'd since.
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    Thank you, Lee

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