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    Default Parting out a 2004 XB12S and some miscellaneous parts

    Parting out this 2004 XB12S

    I purchased it as a lien sale and it has 989.00 in back DMV fees that California wonít budge on. I donít have a title, but have proof of ownership.

    Itís missing the front cylinder and head, belt tensioner, front engine mount, and some other odds and ends.

    Needs new flywheel assembly, top end, and to replace the missing parts. Unknown mileage, but looks to be in great shape.

    Main wiring harness was replaced along with the ecm, fuel injectors, and fuel pump. It ran when parked, but had a bent exhaust valve on the front cylinder, so it ran poorly. Rear cylinder tested at 150psi before it was torn apart.

    Additionally, there are other parts in the pictures that came with the bike, and they are for sale as well.

    All parts are located in Calley Center, CA. 92082

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    Iím getting an ďUpload ErrorĒ message, so email me at and Iíll send you pictures until I can get on an actual computer and upload them.

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    Hi! Looking for the bracket that support the speedo cluster.


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    I fixed your image links. The inline uploader is broken (dunno why), but if you "Go Advanced" you can upload them as attachments.
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    I am interested in the shifter assembly, and the entire wiring harness and computers and the intake with injectors
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