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    Default big dreams for a small buell

    Hello all,
    So I have had my blast for a year now and have been researching and reading through the forums to see exactly what I want to do with my little blast. I am quickly realizing just how much money I'm going to sink into this. I have seen many of you do a lot with your engines. I am not experienced in engine building yet so I might need some assistance with that. I will be doing that Chinese shock swap and also fab a new electrical box and seat frame. I have a good bit of composite experience so I want to change any and every part I can to carbon fiber. Im even in the works to do frames for motorcycles. I am also thinking of converting to EFI using the xb unit similar to Lee(agian might need assitance in converting to the bast) and making it liquid cooled. My goal is to shave the weight 100+pounds (Ik prob wont happen but am going to try) and get 70+ hp out of the engine with video footage of the whole process. Id like to thank everyone who has posted and dedicated there time to this very helpful forum.
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