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    Default 2009 Buell Blast

    I recently purchased a 2009 Blast and need to replace the starter. I found one off ebay from a 2002. I asked the seller if it would fit a 2009 and he said yes. I wanted to double check before purchasing. Thanks

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    Why do you think the starter needs replaced? The Blasts use the same starters as the XB's and larger Harley's, they rarely ever go bad.

    A 2002 starter will fit just fine. You're going to need to completely disassemble the primary and remove the clutch basket (requires a couple special tools) to access the bolts holding it in. Not an easy process for the inexperienced.

    We'll help, don't doubt that, just don't want someone jumping down this rabbit hole when the problem could be just a relay.
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    When I purchased the bike I knew it needed work and TLC. My friend helping me fix it is a mechanic so I was just trusting his word. I bought a battery and a coupler but haven't installed those yet until I get the starter. I think I only needed a piece to the starter..the ammature (sp) and housing but my dad says probably best to buy the complete starter instead of just that piece. I wanted to make sure a 2002 would fit in my 2009. Thank you for your help, input, and suggestions.

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    I'm going to backup jet-lee here. These starters are pretty bullet-proof, so I'd be careful of going down that route if you don't need to do so.

    What are the actual symptoms being experienced? Is it blowing fuses, just not cranking, nothing happening when starter button pushed, etc.? When you say 'coupler', what are you referring to?

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