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    Hi there. I recently bought a 01 Blast for my son. It has 5000 km on it - but I think it's been mechanically neglected ( it still had the spacer on the primary chain adjuster, and the original OEM tires - badly cracked). We're in New Brunswick Canada.

    I've been reading up on the common problems found on the Blast and based on that advise, I've got a few parts on order. The main issue that we've noticed is that after about 15 minutes of riding, it loses power and eventually stalls. It won't start again until it's cooled off for an hour or so. Hoping that the boot replacement will fix that.

    I've been wrenching on bikes for the past few years - mostly on Honda and Kawasaki dual sport thumpers.

    Cheers - Mark

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    Unfortunately, your symptoms are a classic indicator of the ignition module going bad. The only fix is replacement.

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