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  2. Default Short Stack Intake Issue

    First off, hello everyone
    I have been an avid browser of the few forums for the Blast for about a year, I recovered the motorcycle as it was missing a head and had an exposed piston to the weather , much reading from the forums has got me to where I am today.

    So I am running a 48/175 V&H with this stack : without the metal mesh screen,
    and an outerwears filter 12-1267. I realized this may be the wrong filter seeing as I did not order the 12-1267-01, and it was causing engine cut out at high speeds and high rpms. I removed the filter, and the problem went away, however when my leg is hugging the tank, it causes the same cut out as with the filter on, when i spread my right knee outward, the power is all there.. I am guessing half an inch of my leg semi blocks the top of the intake restricting the air flow?

    I am small 5'5" with the Low seat, I dont know any other comfortable way to ride than with my legs in that position.

    Aside from ordering the other outerwears filter, are there any suggestions for the leg situation? Either Tuning wise or mechanically / physically? I sure do enjoy the look of the blast now rather than buying another stock air box.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Im having the same issue with my blast too. it runs better with the filter off. Any one else know what is going on?

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    48 pilot is too rich for even the most modified engines at sea level.
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    thank you

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