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    My 2005 Blast had no windscreen and I noticed that the speedo was intermittent, lights work but no needle or odometer. When I held the hand brake,the cluster would work. Then everything came back on and was working fine,for a min. then the batt. swelled ,burst,leaked and died. I've replaced the batt. and now the bike cranks but won't start. I've checked the fuses, all good. The bike is stock except for the handlebars and exhaust. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Has it always been this way since you bought it? Possible mods that required wire tapping from previous owner that were removed prior to sale; would be my guess as far as the speedo

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    I bought it, running fine, I found a bad isolator but haven't figured out what is interrupting my spark. Since the batt. burst I'm thinking that he voltage reg. must not be working. There's a ground near the isolator, if that wasn't grounded , I'm thinking that's why the batt. Burst IDK

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