Hey everyone, let me start out with a little background on myself. I have had a 79' Harley and an '05 SV650s in the past and have been inside of both on occasion. I am no mechanic, but i do credit myself in following directions, completing research, and being able to take things apart and put them back together.

I recently received a '03 Buell Blast with 20k miles, all motor elements are stock, from a buddy who didn't have the cash he owed me at the time. The bike ran ok but bogged down mostly in first gear when heavy throttle was applied and rarely in other gears. It was also hard to start and took a few times of a few seconds of holding the starter down. I drove it around for about two weeks, ran some Seafoam through the gas tank in hopes of cleaning the carb, and saw a decent improvement in the bogging issue. Well, today, it stopped starting and when i did manage to get it going it only ran about 3-6 seconds and then shut off.

I completed some research and discovered that the intake boot often fails. I decided that since I knew very little about the quality of maintenance completed on the motorcycle, and I am in desperate need of funds, that i would perform a teardown of the motorcycle and attempt to clean the fuel system and carburetor before attempting to sell it. The bike is now tore apart in my garage and i made a few discoveries.

1. The throttle cable holder was bent in a way that it didn't really hold the ends of the throttle cable securely, I hammered this back to being straight and re-screwed it on.

2. The PCV valve sealant or whatever it is that holds it in there was badly deteriorated and i was able to easily pull it out. In turn, I need to know what to replace this bad sealant with. To clarify, this is on the top of cylinder next to the square hole.

3. The carburetor gasket/seal was badlyyyy deteriorated as well so i went ahead and picked it off in as many pieces as needed. To be clear this is the part that's on the outside of the carburetor that's on the airbox side.

4. The intake boot was not bad. I thoroughly searched it with a light to look for cracks and tears and found nothing of the sort. It looked as if its been replaced recently in fact. Bummer, because i thought that was the ticket to a decent running bike, nothing is ever this easy as I have discovered moreso in the last year than any other part of my life.

5. I hypothesized that maybe the fuel system was gunked up, also way too easy of a fix ... - it ended up being pretty clear looking fuel other than the last cup or two that looked a little milky. I did hear what sounded like a bolt shaking around in there but i couldn't get it out. Normal or bad?

6. The spark plug looked decent enough on the outside and wasn't loose, but on the inside was extremely black, like maybe the soul of Ted Bundy or something, I didn't have a chance to check the gap width.

7. The oil was pretty cloudy looking from the top of the check plug.

8. The throttle valve looked close, although I'm not sure this is a bad thing, but i adjusted the throttle screw a little so it is now slightly open, maybe 1-3mm of width, not sure if this will help or hurt yet.

9. There was what looked like to be oil or gas in the bottom of the air intake box, not sure if this is bad or normal.

Sooooooooo, with all that being said, here is my plan of action! (thanks for reading this far along, I really appreciate any and all input)

I am gonna order a new carb gasket (Still trying to figure out the quickest and cheapest way to find this), get a new spark plug because why the hell not, and look for some sealant to get the PCV valve sealed up appropriately. Then, I will attempt to put it all back together and cross my oily, dirty fingers that it runs well enough to sell and try and recoup some of the funds my so called buddy owed me. If this doesn't work, then i suppose i will try and adjust the carburetor or whatever you guys recommend me to do.

This brings me to three main questions:

1. Where to get this carb gasket cheapest and quickest,
2. Where to get the PCV valve sealant, again, cheapest and quickest
3. Am i on the right track in trying to get this thing running right?

Let me formally thank everyone for their input and knowledge on this matter. I really appreciate it and i hope this thread will help someone like me someday after the problem is resolved.