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    Default This HAS to be a carb problem!?! Right? my blast starts and idles, but...

    ...will die out if I twist the throttle. It will sometimes speed up when in neutral, but always dies out when trying to take off.

    The engine has the NRHS 515 kit on it and only 9500 miles total on the engine (less than 1,000 on the NRHS kit). Looking at the jug, it certainly seems to be properly installed. The carb has had a Yost Master kit upgrade. As far as I can tell, knowing the previous owner is an engineer that has a serious attention to detail, I believe the engine and carb kits were properly installed. I test drove this bike before buying it and it ran fine. This all started after I brought it home (I trailered it home since it had been sitting for a few years and had no tag).

    What I have done so far: removed the carb and cleaned it extensively with carb cleaner. Blew through all of the the jets and ports and cleaned the black and brown stuff off of every thing. To me (but I am no expert) the slide diaphragm looks wrinkly and flimsy but I don't see any obvious holes in it. Could this be the problem? SHould I get a new slide? They aren't that expensive. If I can't fix it, I will have to pay the local guy (not a Harley dealer, but this guy is great) I know to do it and it will probably cost a couple hundred dollars.

    I expect I will get either get another Yost kit or a Vance and Hines kit and go ahead and have new jets in place. What do you recommend I do?

    Any insight or or suggestions or opinions or anything is appreciated. Please. Anything.

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    more to add: when I take the intake filter off and watch the slide during acceleration in neutral, it just bounces and doesn't seem to smoothly open. BTW, I have a new filter installed, the pic is of the old one when i first bought it.

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    That looks like the stock boot in that picture, and with that setup if it is that could be your problem. They have a tendency to tear, and with a modded setup like that the carb needs bracing.

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    I just bought a brand new boot and installed it before posting. I am waiting for a Superboot. I have the carb removed again and am preparing to take it apart again.

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    Okay, so I found these things and have some questions to boot. The carb was supposed to have a Yost master kit upgrade, but it looks like it only has partially been installed. The 195 jet was installed, the 1/8 drilling of the port in the slide was NOT done. I'm not sure if the needle is one supplied (it has a strange scratch wrapping around it) and the slow jet has been damaged where you cant read it.

    I expect to just buy another kit and install it myself. I also think I'll order a new slide since I can get a whole new one for the same as just buying the diaphragm. Question: which side does the port go on the slide, towards engine or towards breather? I didnt look before I pulled it out. Who knows maybe he had it in backwards.

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    195 is WAY rich!

    DO NOT drill that hole.

    Put a 175 and the stock needle in it and see how it does.

    The Yost needles always ran rich for me. I ended up ultimately only using the emulsion tube from the Yost kit.

    With my XB top end, I ended up with a 160 main and 45 pilot.
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    I'll try those things. I won't drill out the slide. I have all of the leftover parts from the Yost kit and the parts he removed. I am guessing the stock needle the non adjustable one. I do have a 175 but I am gonna order a 45 because I am not sure what the scratched up one is. Thanks for the help. I'll let you know the results.

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    So I bought a stock slide off ebay and went to the local indian shop (formerly a harley shop) and they had a 45 slow jet for $5. while there I mentioned the blast and found the mechanic there also has a blast, so he told me to bring the carb in so he could clean it. He soaked it and cleaned it out, reassembled it and adjusted it to what he thought should work. Right now its too cold to mess with the bike, but next week its supposed to be warmer and sunny again so I'll try the carb out.

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