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    Default New here. Couple Questions

    Hello. I'm a new member, thanks for the add. I bought a 2003 Buell Blast the other day. It has the NRHS 515 kit, Yost upgrade, Vance and Hines exhaust, ported heads, Screaming Eagle Ignition and Energy One clutches (thats all I can remember offhand). It should be running about 50 hp and 30 something ft lbs of torque. It is running great and I am doing some custom body work (not too much- just smoothing the look to my tastes).

    I searched and found no answers so I figured I'd ask.
    1- I have searched and searched the interwebs and found only a single blurry pic of my Screaming Eagle Ignition. Anyone know where I can find some info on it? I like to know how all I can about items like this, since its fully adjustable. I attached a pic, so you can see what I mean.
    2- does anyone know where I can find a stainless steel bolt kit for this bike? This bike was generally well kept but stored in a damp basement and a lot of the cap screws have rusted. I have always done a stainless bolt upgrade to all of my bikes in the past, but this time I want to see about getting it done quickly instead of a few bolts at a time.
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    Welcome to the community!

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    1) The Screamin' Eagle is p/n 32942-02, discontinued. Instructions can be found here.

    2) I don't think there is a bolt 'kit' that can be purchased.

    3) Welcome!
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    Thanks for the info.

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    I'm unfortunately no help for this except that some auto parts stores might have just the copycat bolt to help if you get the dimensions and threading. Aside from that, what a lucky find! Congratz!

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    There is a store near me that I can get every SS bolt I need ( ), but I need to make up a list or bring a sample of each for them to match up. A kit would just be the easy way. Its better to at least ask. Thanks.

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