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    Default Blast won't start

    Hey all,

    So I crashed my 2005 Buell Blast a few months ago. Hit some gravel, lowsided into a ditch. Picked it up and was able to start it a ride home. Didn't worry much about the bike at the time, as I got a concussion from the crash and was focused on getting my health in order.

    Anyways, a couple weeks later I tried to start the bike, turned the key, dash lights come on, push the starter switch, and nothing happens. Not even a click. I should mention that the starter switch seems loose, like a tab might have broken off in the crash, but it started up initially and I took apart the housing and it seemed like everything should be in order enough to work.

    I have tried jump starting the bike, roll starting the bike, nothing for either. Cleaned off the battery contacts, even replaced the ignition fuse, didn't make a difference. So I figure there must be some electrical problem. My thought is that the Bank Angle Sensor might be stuck? How do I go about resetting that or do I have to bypass it? Should I replace the starter switch? I'm not too good with wiring and electrical stuff.

    Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

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    bank angle is a good place to look. unbolt it, and see if it resets. you can also run the green wire on the sensor harness directly to ground to override it (for testing purposes only...)
    check your clutch switch, kickstand switch, and diodes. sounds like something is tripping out the safety controls.

    print a wiring diagram if you don't have it already. there is a page dedicated to this system.

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    Ok, so I'm not that mechanically inclined. The yellow circle is the BAS, right? If not, where is it located?
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    Update time

    Flipped center diode and now the bike clicks. Hooked up the battery to jump start it, and the bike turns over but just won't fire, which is exciting to me. Will check the spark plug from here.

    I'm gonna replace the battery, any advice on what is best for that?

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    Been a while, I don't have much time to work on the bike during the week with work. Last few weekends I have tinkered a bit.

    Anyways, replaced the spark plug with one I bought earlier in the year prior to dumping the bike. Put in a new boot and battery, too. The bike will start and run with the kickstand up, I rode it about 3 miles just around the neighborhood today with seemingly no problems, however as soon as you put down the kickstand it will die and with won't start with the kickstand up. Should I bypass the kickstand safety switch anyways, even if it runs with the kickstand up? I hate to cut wires if I don't have to, but at the same time I don't want it to be a problem down the road.

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    I would bypass it. You can put a wire jumper in the plug.
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