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    Default Blast Transmission Question

    Hey guys, so my Blast won't shift into 3rd gear, but will go into 4th and 5th, after some research it seems maybe Pawl Adjustment. I'm going to try this repair myself, I have SOME mechanical experience, but I'm confident I can do it.

    I found a service manual which shows the following;

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Following this, it looks like I'd need a clutch compression tool to take off the right "gear thingy" (idk what the terms are yet...sorry!) to do the pawl adjustment? There is another guide here on the forums that shows the process, but doesn't mention needing the clutch compression tool? I can't seem to find any video resources on it where they start with the plate cover. I'm assuming that the "Removal/Disassembly" is for taking the clutch pack apart?

    TLDR - Do I need clutch compression tool to take parts out for pawl adjustment?


    EDIT: We took it apart just to see, and you DO NOT need a compression kit to get to the pawl adjustment. I know it may seem like a trivial question, but we're new to motorcycle mechanics
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    Wait until lee pipes in with whether you need a compression tool.

    If you need the tool you can make one for a couple of dollars.

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    Well we went ahead and took it apart just to see what we're dealing with. Turns out you DO NOT need a compression kit to get to the pawl adjustment.

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