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    Default Buell blast ground relocation?

    I have been having electrical issues. Haven't had much time to work on the blast for a while but I'd like to get it running while the weather is good. the motor ground went bad and some of the wiring harness is shit. So I will be rewiring the bike as I would like to clean up the look of the front since I do not have the windscreen on. My question is can I set up a ground bus and run a ground from negative to the frame and one from negative to the bus and from the bus to the crank case where the air box used to bolt up? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    so long as you get a clean ground (IE not through the paint) you should be ok. I cleaned up every ground on mine when I rewired it, and still got a hot spot on one. The wiring harness on these bikes is one of the most absurd I've seen, and there is an absolute TON of redundant wire in there. I found it easiest to remove it entirely, cut the whole sleeve off, and trace everything out. Further to redundant wires, there were also several instances of wires being a completely different color than the diagram suggested.

    for reference, I deleted the following:
    clutch switch
    kickstand switch
    bank angle sensor
    all stock control switches from handlebars
    stock ground circuit (5 or 6 small wires replaced with larger gauge backbone ground wire)
    stock accessory power circuit (same as ground circuit, just beefed it up and ran 1)

    further to all that, I added waterproof 3-wire connectors to all the controls up front, so that I can pull the harness or any one of the front control lines (lights, horn, brake switch, etc) if needed.
    all of this can easily be done in a day, but make sure you buy a good supply of different color wires, and make a new diagram as you go. failure to take notes today could be a total nightmare in a year or two when you want to change something.

    hope that helps.

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    You are awesome. Thanks for the reply and I have already stripped the sleeve and found the redundant wiring. I need to look at a diagram again though. My only real question left is the white/black wire and what to do with it. I know that is for the safety switches and kill switch but after deleting the BAS, clutch switch, and kickstand switch I should be able to just go from kill switch to a 3 way spit to the coil, timing, and enrichner plugs and then the only thing that will kill the bike is the key or Killswitch correct? I also need to find a speedo sensor if anyone knows where to get a new one. I was going to buy one off eBay but it is a toss up on wether or not it would work. Mike thanks for the information and the amount of wire that can be deleted off the harness is crazy. The way the grounds are ran drives me absolutely nuts

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    i'll have to go back and revisit my diagram, but I think you are correct. once you delete all that stuff you can also get rid of the diode system, which cleans up the back of the fuse box and eliminates further clutter.

    I may have a speedo sensor, i'll check. that said, I am in Canada so by the time I ship it it'll likely more expensive than a new one! if you have the part number, cross reference it against HD parts, it's probably the same as a sporty or something.

    - - - Updated - - -

    those should work.

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    Thanks again man your making it too easy on me lol I have been working ridiculous hours so I really do appreciate your help

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