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    Default Ignition modual

    So I just finished going through he'll amd back getting my 01 buell blast p3 500cc running near perfect only to take her on her first ride and have it die 10min in after looking though things it appears I loose spark after warming up then after a cool down period fires back up and after alot of reading I see that it is the ignition modual but I'm having alot of trouble finding a decent modual that won't break my wallet does anyone have some links to moduals that are relative oem replacement as in not alot of modifications to install I bought the bike for 600$ the 3k miles and a clean and clear title after a 60$ kit to rebuild the carb and replacing the intake boot I'm not looking to be in it alot and so far I feel I've gotten a good deal as long as this modual doesn't ruin things

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    Sorry for the late reply, Petey...been hell at home/hotel.

    Sounds like you ignition module is indeed on its way out. You should be able to replace it at any Harley dealer. Online I use New Castle HD or Surdyke.
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    By the way I just bought a Daytona Twin Tec 1005 with 2006 3ohm mini coil and rotor. The Buell tech notes page is a little ambiguous any tips on retrofit

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