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    Default 02 intermittent sputter.

    I just bought an 02 blast with 2600mi on it. It is bone stock. While riding it 2 hours home it began to sputter at 60ish intermittently. When it does that, you can pull the clutch and free-rev fine. To get it to keep going you have to roll out of the throttle and very slowly roll back in. Then it will hold until about 60 again, then sputter. Roll into the throttle too fast, sputter. Run 50, and I can cruise all day. From a stop, you can hammer on it and get it up to 80, and it will run fine for 10-15 seconds and then die out. Slow down and roll into the throttle slow, and you can run 50 again. It seems to be getting worse the more I ride it.

    The first thing I did was fresh gas and seafoam, new fuel filter, and a plug and wire. No change. Then I went through the carb, everything was clean as a whistle and untouched from the factory. I inspected the boot, which appears to be in good condition, although I did order one just because.

    I'm kind of stumped at this point, I can't get it to mess up unless I'm riding at 60mph, so its relatively hard to check spark or fuel, at least for an uncoordinated guy like me.

    Any insight on where to diag next? I'd really like to get this thing going, when it runs good, its a heck of a lot of fun.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would look at:
    -Ground points (sand and tighten)
    -Coil (should test at .5ohm (video below)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jet-Lee View Post
    I would look at:
    -Ground points (sand and tighten)
    -Coil (should test at .5ohm (video below)

    All that checks out. However I pulled the side cover off and noticed that the ignition module does not blink at all while the bike is running. Thoughts?

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