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    Default Vicenzajay's 2000 Blast

    Yeah, I know, I don't really want to do this. Any of you who have been around here (or over on Badweb) for the last 3 years or so know how nice this bike is. While EZ would still call it 'cherry', it's a turn key Blast with all the right mods to make it more reliable, perform better, and all around just be the Blast that everyone can't believe looks as good as it does.

    I am meticulous about taking care of this bike. To the point of being wildly anal retentive. It gets ridden...and ridden spiritedly. Then it gets completely cleaned and detailed - *every ride. In short, I don't think you're going to find a 2000 Blast in any better (at all) shape than this. *Nothing needed. Turn Key (did I say that already).

    I might get cold feet with this sale - just fair warning. I've put so many hours and thought over 4 years into her that I might change my mind with little or no warning.

    There's no way I'm going to list everything it comes with or what I've done to it. The short list:

    - D&D exhaust
    - Dan's full intake and superboot kit
    - Full carburetor service about 6,000 miles ago (all new gaskets, screws, brass fuel intake, etc.)
    - Yost jetting system and emulsion tube (blue needle - middle notch)
    - Brand new fly screen and headlight
    - translucent (smoke) timing cover with custom Buell graphic
    - Lithium battery
    - Wired for heated gear from said battery - works a treat
    - Aprilia mirrors
    - Shorty, adjustable levers and matching hand/control guards (with bar ends)
    - Knight Design footpegs (black)
    - Brisk BOR10LGS spark plug
    - Energy One clutch
    - Superbrace Fork Brace

    Stuff I've done relatively recently:

    - Oil and tranny change (Amsoil) - 1-2K miles ago
    - Complete refresh of K&N filter on Dan's intake
    - Brand new front tire (MT-75) - balance beads for tire balancing. Current rear tire is Diablo - has a good 1.5-2K of mileage left.
    - Clutch adjustment
    - Brake fluid check and adjustment
    - Brake pads (about 5K on front and 3k on rear - they're pristine right now)
    - Front fork service (new seals, springs, fluid, etc.) about 2.5K miles ago
    - Bearings (front and rear) are all rather new - 5K on rear - 2.5K on fronts. Spacers and axles in great shape (and properly installed with never-seize, etc.)
    - New Energy One clutch installed 6K miles ago and shift pawl, etc. adjustments performed at that time.

    Stuff that will come with the bike:

    - Brand new MT-75 rear tire and brand new Diablo ST66 front tire.
    - Back up drive belt - used but in great condition. Current belt installed at 5K miles ago.
    - Tall windscreen, used with some scratches but completely usable. These are VERY rare.
    - Set of matching (color) bar end great - you can see them in pictures
    - New front isolator assembly. Bought in advance of needing it.

    Stuff I will sell with bike if new owner wants it:

    - Hippo Hands for Buell Blast - an amazing set of hand guards for cold/wet weather. These are equivalent to unicorns, as you can *not get them any more (or find them). Price negotiable.
    - New front and rear brake discs - I bought these "just because I could". Current disks are in great shape.
    - New rear belt sprocket and cover - current sprocket and cover are great - just bought these as eventual spares.
    - Bunch of other stuff - no room to list it all here.

    Pictures below (note that pictures do not reflect the new front tire I installed 100 miles ago or the Aprilia mirrors/matching handguards). Note I am not going to give this bike away. I'm listing it at $2800. I'm fairly firm on that price. Yes, it's very high for a Blast. No, you're not going to find another Blast in anything like this shape or having been cared for in anything like this way. Just search this forum and Badweb, and you'll see that what I've done (and what comes with the bike) are exactly the things that tend to avoid all the problems so regularly seen by new or existing Blast owners. This bike is, simply, a "drive away and enjoy" piece of unique, American engineering.

    Like I said, I reserve the right to get cold feet until someone actually completes the financial portion of the transaction AND picks it up/drives it away. I'm probably insane to do this.

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    I think you're price is right on. I payed $2750 for my 03 with similar mods

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    Thanks - obviously, I'm biased, but I agree. There are literally 3-4 years of thoughtful additions and modifications invested in this motorcycle. It's not a "normal" Blast on the selling block!

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    So yeah - this is still for sale.

    I would consider an offer of $2,500 for it...a steal for this bike, in this condition, with these mods.

    At that price - all the 'extra' stuff would not come with it...I'd need to sell that stuff separately.

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