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    Default Bought a 01 buell without a clue about bikes need help

    I bought an 01 buell blast the other day without a clue about motorcycles. When I went to purchase it I asked when the last time it was serviced, if there was any leaks or issues with the bike and he said everything was A ok. I took his word and bought it. 5 miles down the road on the way home it started leaking oil. From what I was told it's coming from the rocker box. There was also no fuel line hose connected to the gas tank. The bike runs and drives like a champ but stalls out 9/10 every time I come to a stop. The turn signals,horn, and high beam don't work and it's missing various other miscellaneous parts. I don't even know where to start to get this thing on the road. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    How did you drive it with out a fuell line these bikes sip gas but not that good. And your rocker box you need either rubber gasket material like i did or you can buy a hd sportster rocker box gasket.and as for the lights cheak your fuses under the seat. To take off the seat there is a lever underneath pull it and lift up on the seat. I would start with the electrical. Then move on to cleaning the carb, and puting on a fuel line.

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    I am thinking you are referring to the tank vent

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