Hey everyone! About four or five months ago I purchased a 2003 Firebolt XB9R, which I love, and recently I've noticed a slight knocking coming from the engine, more from the right side it seems than the left, if it matters. When the bike is started cold you practically hear nothing at all but idling for four to five minutes it gradually gets louder. Searching on the internet some say this is normal noise for a v-twin engine and some disagree with that. Anyway, should I be worried? I just purchased some Harley 20W-50, two cans of Seafoam, one liquid and one spray and a bottle of motorcycle Lucas Oil Stabilizer. I put three ounces of seafoam both in the fuel tank, with a full tank of fuel, and in the crankcase. I've been riding around with it and am ready to drain the oil although from what I've read it's recommended driving for three to five hundred miles. Also I sprayed directly in the throttle body at three to four thousand RPM. I guess my question is am I heading in the right direction with this or is this not correct and I should be doing something else? Please let me know y'all's opinions and experiences with this situation.

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