Just picked up an 08? with 790 miles on it. So far as I can tell, it is missing only mirrors. This bike was indoors since 2009 and while I know that it went down once-it looks good to my inexperienced eye. After I it home, I got a new battery, drained the gas tank and poured in some Seafoam, 91 octane gas, and some ethanol eating enzyme. It fired up after I sprayed in some (well, a lot) carb cleaner and I started riding around the neighborhood. I am not crazy about the clutch and I intend to get the DC boot and re-think the air cleaner-but my main concern right now is a pronounced "tapping" noise that comes out under load. I am hoping it is just noisy H-D/thumper stuff-it seems to be a fairly common concern for new Blast owners.
What else should I check?