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    Default Buell blast 500 wont start.

    I hope this is the right place to post sorry if not im completely new to this whole forum thing.

    My buell wont start I have spark gas and air. It runs fine when fuel is switched to the res position but not when its on the on position . I recently bought the bike put about 500 miles on her and she ran strong one day i started to get backfire out of the carb. I then went to start and nothing happened at all. In my trouble shoot process i switched the petcock to res and she fired right up. Im not too sure whats going on here. while its running i switch it to on and it just completely dies on me i thought it was a bad petcock so i ordered a new one same issue. I did a oil change on the bike when I first got it so oil is clean and to the correct level spark plug looks good and has good spark. any help would be super appreciated its my first bike and i am completely new to this riding thing. I also pulled the carb and it looked super clean the float was working great and i pulled the main jet in the carb and it looked clean and clear. thanks

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    How much fuel is in the tank? The gas line from the tank to the carb is there any sharp binds?

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    I believe the tank is half full and also no it goes with a slight curve to the carb

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    Maybe dirt in the petcock?

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    i bought one new and changed it out still same issue

    can i run the bike on res or will something bad happen??

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    Fill the tank up to the bottom of the rubber seal and try it again and let us know.

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    The tank has a .8 gal reserve. Might not be enough fuel to have it in the on position.

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    id feel like a complete idiot if that was the case haha ill go ahead and give it a shot today ill keep you guys updated

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    is the fuel gravity fed? just curious i couldn't find it anywhere

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    Fuel is gravity fed, yes.

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    so i drove myself insane looking for a huge problem lol It was only gas... whoops ha thanks though i honestly was super over looking this one

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