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    Default 2008 Blast Build Thread - Cafe style

    I'm new here, but have been lurking for a while. I recently picked up two '08 blasts from a local HD dealer. They were used for the "learn to ride" program, so needless to say they're beat up from multiple drops. That being said, they have 600 and 1200 miles on them, so they're essentially brand new. For a few hundred bucks each, I couldn't say no. I'm gonna build one up first, and see how it goes. Bike 2 will either end up a parts bike, or someday become a second project (it has a bent fork leg).

    Anyhow, onto the build. First piece of business was to get the plastics off, get the wiring out of the way, throw out the massive breather box and get to cutting. I've had a set of rearset mounts CNC'd, purchased some bars, started fabricating the tail, etc. Progress is slow, but I'll update as I go. The end goal will be a fairly classic café/brat look, with minimalism in mind. Colors, logos, details and whatnot are still up in the air, and while I have an idea, it will remain quiet until the tail section is welded up and it's back in the garage. It wont be for everyone, that is for certain, but should be a fun little scoot to chase around town on.


    Bike as purchased:

    Pre-fab, with new rearset mounts, and not much else:

    render of what's to come:
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    Welcome to the fun, and good luck with the project!

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    The render looks dope and so do the rear sets

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    Got updates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mik View Post
    Got updates?
    Nothing fun to report. I've been collecting parts, but the bike is still at my fabricator's place. He's doing it as a favor, so I cant really ask him to rush it at all. last I heard, the tubing was all bent up and he had started assembly, but this is the only photo I have. haha.

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    should have it back next week, with the hoop fully welded and the tank done. pics for reference...

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    That is effin sweet.

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    Thanks man. Made a little more progress. the photos aren't great, but you get an idea. The brace at the front of the seat hoop is just to hold it for welding, it'll go obviously. The rear of the hoop is squared, and upswept, and unlike the photo makes it look, its perfect.
    The tank is an old Suzuki unit, but there isn't much of it left... gonna need to do some work to make the clip-ons (or possibly clubmans) fit, and wiring will be tight, but all in all I like the way this is going. We may also spread out the back end of it, to better fit the tail section. My machinist is pretty much a lifesaver. Once it's fully welded and the tank is finished, I can start the fibreglass work for the seat pan, fenders, battery box, etc...

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    Little more progress...
    Got the bike home, for now. I've started wiring and relocating all the electrics. Put the new clip-ons on, and I'm pretty sure I like them. not gonna shave the bar mounts just yet, though.
    The tank is about 40% done. The general shape has been trimmed out, and we have it fitting pretty well, but there is a long way to go. My fabricator is super busy for the next few weeks, so I brought everything home to get going on it until he's ready to get back at the tank. Really hoping to be test-riding by July, but time will tell. Immediate "to-do" list includes finding some universal rearsets, finishing the wiring, welding up a battery tray, building a seat, finding a headlight and welding on the mounting tabs for all my lights. not so bad, right? ha.

    pics so far.

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    Thats looks awsome im about to start on my cafe build to my blast to

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