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    Has anyone here run an antigravity battery, or similar? I need a low profile battery to fit under the seat.
    I saw the battery thread, but looking for more info. any advice would be helpful.

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    I think EZ's running Ballistic. He likes it. I've heard of others using the Lithium Ion batteries with good results. The only reason I don't use them is that they're not as efficient when cold; I prefer a one-hit start, instead of 10-60 seconds of letting the battery warm up. Some people don't mind the wait, I do.

    I'm currently running Chrome Pro batteries in my Blasts and Firebolt. Pretty happy with them so far.
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    Thanks! I'll look into those.

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    I am using the advance Auto lfp-4 battery and it works great.

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    Small progress...
    With the rear hoop completed, I got to welding in the seat tray for all the electronics. I have most of the wiring done now, and once I'm happy with it I will weld in all the mounting tabs for the relays, battery, ignition etc. It is shocking how these bikes are wired, there is just so much waste. For instance: the brake switches are paired, and run to the light (no surprises there), but the wire from the rear brake runs all the way up to the front lever, and then the two run back to the switch? so bizarre. oh well.

    so, wiring mods include:
    Kickstand switch delete.
    Clutch switch delete.
    All handlebar switches deleted (replacements are going to be custom micro-switches)
    Ignition/Key switch delete / replacement.
    I *might* delete the bank angle sensor, I haven't decided yet. It is a nice safety item, but I don't know where I want to put it.
    Still working out where to put the voltage regulator.
    Pic of the carnage:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wiring mess.jpg 
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    In more exciting news, I finally got some rear-sets on order, hoping to see them this week. Also ordered up a new throttle, as the stock unit is integral to all the switches I removed. The exhaust situation has been nagging at me, as I don't know what direction I want to go, and dropping $500 on a V/H seems like a waste. A friend has a couple classic style exhausts sitting in the shop, so I may just fab up a downpipe and run one of those to see if I like it. Input is always appreciated.

    Since my wiring photo sucks, and I have bene terrible at taking photos along the way, here is shot of the new rearsets. At least they look good.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	rearset.jpg 
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    if anyone reading this has a stock headlight assembly they want to part with, I would be interested. I know a lot of folks upgrade those, but I want a stock one and mine was destroyed.

    let me know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by miktweedie View Post
    if anyone reading this has a stock headlight assembly they want to part with, I would be interested. I know a lot of folks upgrade those, but I want a stock one and mine was destroyed.

    let me know!
    I have two. One with a large stone impact crater . The other , N.O.S. covered with 3m impact "tape".

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    PM Sent KB.

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    has anyone run the Galfer (or other) stainless braided rear lines? if so, how did you activate your brake switch? I need to replace both front and rear lines, as they don't fit anymore..

    thanks in advance.

    - - - Updated - - -

    also, some pics for updates...

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