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    Hello everyone. I am new here but have been buelling since 2006 and over on the badweb as well. I just picked up my 10 buell, 05 blast. I bought it Saturday and would really like an intake kit. Anyone know if D-C is still selling these? I tried contacting Dan but no luck. Thanks

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    Yes, D-C is still in business. Just send him a PM or email and he'll get back to you. He's a busy busy guy.
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    Welcome from Texas! That bike is cleeeaaaaann.
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    Not for long. My parts are coming for me to fab up a fender eliminator and I'm going to wrap the fly screen and tank cover in brushed aluminum wrap.

    The bike was looking neglected when I got it. I acid washed the wheels, rubbed on the plastics, painted the foot peg mounts, and through on some bar ends for good measure.

    Oh, I'm XB9er on the badweb.

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    Little late on my welcomes and hellos. Your bike looks so clean and the lines are all nice and right.
    I'd love to see and hear about your mod progression as I have a stock 2009 with low miles. Stock except for the help on carb help here, DC and some knowledge gained from trial and Error on my part. And a service manual.
    Hope you have safe riding and enjoy your 2010.

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