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    Default Rear Fender Eliminator

    Hello everyone. I have a 2001 Blast and I'm looking for a good rear fender eliminator kit. Looking at the ebay ones, I dont see a place for the tail light and a lot of other kits are super expensive. What are some of my options or is there a guide on modifying the existing fender somewhere?

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    Grab a Dremel or hacksaw and cut off what you don't want. Use some sandpaper or a sanding block to clean up the edges.

    Make it your own!

    ...and Welcome!!
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    Welcome to the forum! Feel free to make an introduction in the introduction section.

    Also, most people - myself included - cut the excess plastic and leave enough for the light, turn signals, and license plate.

    Dan, Thumpe on the forum, makes a fender eliminator kit and sells it for $40. Click here. It's the last item in the first post.

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