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    Default 2009 Buell XB inner airbox (the newer, open version) - impeccable shape

    As the title states, this is the new, post-2007 version of the Buell XB inner airbox (part P0215.3AA). Specifically, it is off of a 2009 XB12R

    The airbox is in incredible condition - no issues whatsoever. It comes with the pictured stock air filter. While used with a bit of wear, the air filter is quite serviceable and works just fine.

    This retails for approximately $220 before shipping or tax from the local Harley dealership. Get it here for $125 including the air filter. This price does not include shipping or paypal fees (which can be avoided with a gift/personal payment - email me and we can discuss details).

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    Edited for a mistype on the price. Also - this item includes the snorkel as well, which is in very good shape.

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    Now $100 shipped/paypal gifted

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