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    Default Basic Maintaince Questions

    Hey all,

    New rider with some questions.

    2003 Blast with 3200 miles.

    As an occasional rider in an urban area, how often should I be having the belt adjusted/Replaced?

    I just did an oil and filter change at 3000 is that supposed to be done every 1500 miles or so?

    Also, I hear tires tend to wear down quick. Thoughts?

    While I'm posting, any recommendations on low-profile/sleeker lights for the bike? Already added superbike bars and removed front fairing.
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    Oil - 2500, primary oil - 5000. Pirelli Diablo in the oversized - 14070 rear and 110/70 front, Go all clear LED all the way around for the icey look.

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    Belt is self-adjusting....replace every 15K miles....

    Belt replacement takes a few minutes and is not hard at all.

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