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    Default Weird trickle charging issues with XB12

    Posted this up over on buellxb as well:

    Hmmm....need some wisdom from the crowd.

    Just got this 2009 XB12R (I have another thread on it). GREAT bike, and I love riding it hard.

    Battery was "new" per the looks new, and there were no issues starting and running it for the first week or two without a trickle charger.

    Put it on a trickle charger once the charging lead was installed and used a Battery Tender Jr. (small one - 750mA charger). Everything worked great. Charger would indicate charging and then "close" and "fully charged" within a reasonable time...float charging seemed great. No battery issues.

    Fast forward to Monday this week. Rode the bike to work (the long way :-) ) - the bike sat for 7 or so hours. Started right up and I rode the bike home with no issues. Plugged the float charger in and...

    wait for it....

    Solid red charging light. Would not move from "charging" to any flashing green or green light. I gave it about 5 hours and then traded chargers out with the one on my Harley. The Battery Tender Jr. went on the Harley and worked great - red to flashing green to green - no issues.

    Moved the 1.5A Schumaker charger to the XB....took a while (2-3 hours) but finally indicated fully charged.

    Waited a day and switched the chargers out again - same problem - solid red ("charging") with the Battery Tender on the Buell - switched it to the Sportster and no issues.

    I'm perplexed. I've checked, cleaned, and tightened both battery terminal connections and the ground connection to frame. Buell starts up just fine.

    What I haven't done is multi-metered the battery after start - I guess I need to do that.

    Any help/advice/experience? Don't want to be stranded on the road as a result of not recognizing something more serious beginning to happen.

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    Is the battery in the XB a sealed maintenance free battery?

    I just switched out the battery from the Savage and changed it to a Yuasa maintenance free battery. The reason that I switched is the Texas heat, I had to add water to the original battery once a week. The Savage is a pure PITA to work on and the new battery on the Battery Tender charger stays on red for about 45 minutes and then switches to blinking green and then shortly to green.

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    Yes - it's a sealed AGM battery.

    I'm just hoping this isn't the start of some kind of stator issue, etc.

    Tomorrow afternoon I'll do the multimeter check of the battery off-charger, before start, and after start and see where things stand. It's going to rain hard tomorrow, so I won't be able to actually ride it. I'll do that Friday.

    I'm probably just going to go lithium on the Bolt....I know lots of folks are against that, but the lithium battery has been a good move on the Blast so far (almost two years in at this point).

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    Like you suspected - I would break out the multimeter, and check the voltage before you plug it in, then watch the voltage while starting the bike, and then check it again while the bike is running at 2,500+rpms. Hopefully it's just something weird going on, and not the voltage regulator or stator (usually an 1125/1190 problem).


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    lunaticfringe over on buellxb gave me the same advice. I'll do some measurements later this afternoon to get voltage readings. At this point I'm really interested in the voltage coming "from" the bike in the way of charging voltage - basically I need to know if the bike's system is working. I've already made the decision to go lithium as I'm not going to spend the time messing with this "new" battery that looks aftermarket and isn't something I know/trust.

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    Used the multimeter - battery and bike system are fine....something must not be "clicking" between that AGM battery and the Deltran tender. After a day of *not* charging, the battery was sitting pretty at 13.2 volts....after start and even approaching 2000 rpm, the bike was producing 14.5 volts or so "back" to the battery. Perfect.

    Go figure...I've already bought the lithium but probably didn't need it.

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    Many standard "trickle chargers" say specifically on the packaging they shouldn't be used with AGM batteries - the internal construction(?) is different (or whatever) and the high(er) current they put out is actually bad for the battery - which can lead to decreased battery performance (I think sulfates build up on the plates, but I don't remember 100%).

    However, the Battery Tender JR at 750mA shouldn't hurt it at all - that's well within the "safe" range for most motorcycle batteries (anything under 1.5A is ok)

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    Yeah - I've used that tender on the Blast and the Sportster with no issues at all...for two years. It's still working like a champ on those bikes.

    I'm satisfied that the battery/charging system on the Firebolt is working well....I should be grateful for that!

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    True - the Stator and VR both seem to be working well, which is awesome!

    Glad you like the bike!

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    you read that I had an accident...I'm really frustrated.

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