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    I think my aunt is a rush fan, I never really hot into their music

    Sent from under the Blast

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    Glad to have the original spring back in the AE. many thanks.

    With the AE opened to 3/4 now as opposed to the 1/2 open.
    The start up idle is at 800 rpm’s and after ride, warms up to normal 1.200 rpm’s.
    Start up idle did go up 100 rpm’s with the change.

    If I open the AE full or as in JetLee video all rich.
    And it makes little or no difference. Then what?
    What may have caused the change in the first place?

    Is it the Hot, hot weather?
    Is the bike just breaking in? 1500 miles.
    What would happen if it’s left ‘low start up idle’ at 800 rpm to a normal warmed up
    idle at 1200 rpm.

    Trying to understand this little issue.

    Check out this very fast ’lol’ AE vid.

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