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    Default Dremel out the hole on the cam cover where the ignition wires go through

    Just tossing this out there for conversation...

    You know that hole on the bottom of the cam side case, where the ignition wires go through? You have to take the connector off the wires to get the ignition module in and out.

    What would be the down side to cutting that little section out? It's not watertight to start with, it's at the bottom, I don't think water is likely to run up inside anyway.

    If it was a bother, then a guy could squirt a little RTV in the gap to close it off again.

    Actually, now that I've thought about it, I think I will cut it out, and put RTV in the gap before I put the cover back on...

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    Lol...It's not water I'd worry about, it's road grime; sand and crap.

    RTV sounds like a simple solution though.
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