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  2. Default I'm afraid I have no clever name for my bike, so: Mik's 2003 Buell Blast Build

    I have various threads for various mods I've done. I'm going to link to each of them in this thread as a reference point with finished product pictures in each post next to the link to the individual thread.

    Purchased my 2003 Buell Blast on 6/30/2011 with "2,921" miles on it. Got it home and found out the speedometer/odometer did not function due to a dirty sensor so actual miles are unknown. It was a bit worse for wear due to being a pit bike for a race bike team. I am the third owner.

    I went right to work changing oils, modding carb, airbox, etc, considering muffler mods. Found lots of missing bolts and started trouble shooting various things.

    Here's it is when I first got it.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    recently completed:
    xb shifter install with new bolts
    strip bike of wires, labeling harness
    CBR shock install, flip top mount ears and relocate bottom mount
    drill and tap cylinder head for head temp sensor
    mount ignition coil- chop, move and weld front bolt tab
    modify xb throttle cable bracket for use with blast throttle cables
    modify ignition (key) plug
    modify headlight plug
    install timing cup and ignition module
    run wiring harness- mount ecu and fuse block, bank angle sensor, tail lights, fuel pump, ignition module, horn
    disable kickstand switch
    grounds (clean and install)
    build bracket for gauge cluster
    mount fuel pump and flip tank petcock for easier fuel line routing
    modify voltage regulator plug and ground
    modify 'do not remove' bracket
    fuel tank return line hole/bulkhead fitting
    weld up fuel rail and barb
    port/polish xb cylinder head, lap valves
    assemble and paint head
    index spark plug
    build intake/throttle body assembly
    install 515 kit and head
    make rear head bracket
    install front heim joint (2000 model)
    mount adjustable fuel pressure regulator and tee fitting
    run fuel lines (5/16") and fuel filter (and fuel filter thermal sock)
    vacuum port on intake
    mount intake
    Intake air temp sensor
    install spark plug wire
    make temporary speedo face
    find leak in front tire/wheel
    new oxygen sensor install and new connector
    drop forks, install new oil and shims
    clutch leever mod
    Make rear set peg hangers
    Supplementary LED high beams

    still left to do:
    belt tensioner pulley
    fuel injector...

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    SOB, B***ch, POS, Hoe, etc - depends on the time of day, or you just pick one out of the blue - Clyde, Rubie, etc. - but if it moves your soul - it should probably have a name - lol

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    First intake and exhaust build...
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    I'll name it if you want me to.... no charge.....

    Aphrodite you love working on it... LOL
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    I remember one guy with a problematic X1 - named it Mule - lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by nurelic View Post
    HermAphrodite you love working on it... LOL
    "It is impossible, until some crazy son of a bitch has the audacity to believe that no matter what the expert says, I can still do that shit." - C.T. Fletcher

    Click here to enlarge
    Left to Right:
    2003 Blast (Blue), 2001 XBlast (Rex), 2007 XB9R Firebolt (Bolt)

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    I spent a great deal of time contemplating exhausts, etc...

    which resulted in...

    all of the pictures in that thread seem to have disappeared too... gonna have to scrounge em up and re edit.

    Click image for larger version. 

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