I recently swapped the rear shock with a 2000 cbr600 shock. When i installed it all i did was shave down the shocks eyelet so it would fit the blast mount, re-drilled the lower mount lower and further back and bolted it in upside down.

The shock is set to soft on all settings and the ride is so much smoother, and i really love how much taller the bike is because im a tall guy. My belt has a tad bit more slack in it but i have no problems with it slipping at all. I tried a cheap tensioner i found on ebay but the belt bent it really quick so im going to have to fabricate a custom bracket.

My real dilemma here is that my kickstand is now about 3-4" to short and its a real p.i.t.a.
I have been using (2) 2x4s screwed together as a makeshift riser, but its a pain having to carry wood around with you just to be able to park your bike. not to mention if you fill your tank to the top and park it there goes 1/4 of your tank onto the ground lol

i was thinking of buying this adjustable kickstand but im not sure if the angle of the foot will be correct or not

thoughts and opinions?