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    Default Need help troubleshooting

    The changes I made
    1. 45/170 jets (from 42/170)
    2. 1x Needle shim
    3. Cut into the air box to add air flow (picture attached)
    4. K&N air filter

    1. When I drop the throttle the bike will stay high rpms for no reason? After 10-15 seconds it will idle down. The return spring is good and there is nothing interfering with the throttle cables
    2. The idle air screw is turned out 4-5ish turns before it kills the popcorn on deceleration. (I assume with the air box mod and K&n I should used the 46 jet?) but now itís not stopping it at all.
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    classic symptoms of a vacuum leak. hanging rpms means too lean. likely a torn carb boot. start there.
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    A vac leak will also cause the popping on decel and no amount of turning out the pilot will stop that.
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