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    Hey All!

    Just letting you know that I am now an AMSOIL dealer. If you are ever interested in ordering something from AMSOIL you can contact me or use my dealer/ZO number (5149220). If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer, or just send me PM.

    If you find yourself purchasing a lot of oil, air/oil filters, etc. you may be interested in the preferred customer program. Basically, you get to purchase products at wholesale prices. Saves a lot of money! PM me for details on a 6 month trial.

    Otherwise, if you're just purchasing a quart here and there, just contact me and I can get you what you need.


    AMSOIL Dealer #5149220

    Feel free to call the AMSOIL 800 number (800-956-5695) and give them my dealer number (5149220) when you order. Probably the easiest way to order... .
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    Can you quote prices, 3 qts and filter, 6 & 2 filters, and 12 & 4 filters? Paypal?

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    Prices reflect date of 0220213...

    Your local sales tax 9.15%?

    The Blast and 1125 use same oil filter, right?

    3 Quarts MCV 20w-50 Synthetic = 35.70
    1 WIX 51394 Oil Filter = 8.35
    Tax = 4.03
    Shipping = 7.90
    Total = 55.98

    6 Quarts MCV 20w-50 Synthetic = 71.40
    2 WIX 51394 Oil Filter = 16.70
    Tax = 8.06
    Shipping = 9.10
    Total = 105.26

    1 Case (12 quarts) MCV 20w-50 Synthetic = 141.35
    4 WIX 51394 Oil Filter = 33.40
    Tax = 15.99
    Shipping = 12.97
    Total = 203.71

    As Preferred Customer ($10 for 6 month membership) your totals would look like this:

    A.) $44.85
    B.) $82.99
    C.) $154.54

    I can do PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
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    AMSOIL DEALER #5149220

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    lol - different filters, just inquiring about Blast filters though, have back ups for CR - lol

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thats a pretty good deal - even comparing with Waly world prices - I'll be contacting you soon.

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    JSD, bro, I need a "B" (I'll buy a membership as well) along with some 7wt fork oil, for two bikes. Let me know.
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