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    Default Motorcycle virgin, just bought an 02 Blast!

    Found this manual online, thought it might be helpful. Delete if not allowed I have the other chapters also, just ask!
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    So what hooks did you use to hold the bike to the ceiling? Also, how did you get it up there, ratchet straps?

    Just messing with you. Welcome! More details about you and your bike?

    ps: I run as well. If you have anything that's not already there, let me know and we'll get it loaded up!
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    41 yr old Midwesterner who's always wanted to ride and finally ran out of excuses! Glad I was able to find a Buell community; I hope to learn and contribute. Just signed up for my safety class for the spring.

    The bike's clean, never dropped, stock 02 Blast. Has about 7k on her. Oh and she levitates, it was super easy to strap it the ceiling 😉.

    Found it on Craigslist, needed a new battery and bartered for $850.

    Going to be a very long winter!

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    Welcome to the group! The Blast is a fun bike.
    Where are you located in the Midwest? I'm near Omaha.
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    Happy blasting! You got a good deal there.
    Hayabusa muthaf##ka!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwkride View Post
    Welcome to the group! The Blast is a fun bike.
    Where are you located in the Midwest? I'm near Omaha.
    Thank you! I'm about an hour west of Chicago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ezblast View Post
    Thank you!

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    Update: She's named Millie, winterized for the second time (it was really nice last Friday and Monday), and now has 7,200 more miles on her. She saw Rt 2 in Illinois at least 2 dozen times, parts of Wisconsin and was trailer-ed to the glorious UP of Michigan for a week. I'm hooked, helplessly.

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